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Silverleaf Resorts, Inc


Silverleaf Resorts, Inc:   OTC SVLF

Silverleaf Resorts, Inc. is in the business of marketing and selling Vacation Intervals. A Vacation Interval entitles the owner to use a specific unit for a designated one-week interval each year. The Company also sells a biennial (alternate year) Vacation Interval, which allows the owner to use a unit for a one week interval every other year with reduced dues. Its principal activities in this regard include: acquiring and developing timeshare resorts; marketing and selling one week annual and biennial Vacation Intervals to prospective first time owners as well as leasing unsold Vacation Intervals; marketing and selling upgraded Vacation Intervals to existing owners of Silverleaf Vacation Intervals (Silverleaf Owners); providing financing for the purchase of Vacation Intervals; and operating timeshare resorts.

The Company currently owns and/or operates 14 drive-to resorts in
Texas , Missouri , Illinois , Alabama , Georgia , South Carolina , Pennsylvania , and Tennessee (the Drive-to Resorts). The Company also owns and/or operates four destination resorts in Missouri , Mississippi , and Massachusetts (the Destination Resorts). The Company also owns four properties that are currently under development, including two properties being developed as Drive-to Resorts near Kansas City , Missouri , and Philadelphia , Pennsylvania , and two properties being developed as Destination Resorts in Las Vegas , Nevada , and Galveston , Texas .

Each Existing Resort has a timeshare owners' association (a Club). Each Club operates through a centralized organization, either Silverleaf Club or Crown Club (collectively Management Clubs), to manage the Existing Resorts on a collective basis. Crown Club consists of several individual Club agreements which have terms of two to five years with a minimum of two renewal options remaining. The Management Clubs, in turn, have contracted with the Company to perform the supervisory, management, and maintenance functions at the Existing Resorts on a collective basis. All costs of operating the Existing Resorts, including management fees to the Company, are to be covered by monthly dues paid by Silverleaf Owners to their respective Clubs as well as income generated by the operation of certain amenities at the Existing Resorts.

Drive-to Resorts are primarily located in rustic areas offering Silverleaf Owners a quiet, relaxing vacation environment. Furthermore, the resorts offer different vacation activities, including golf, fishing, boating, swimming, horseback riding, tennis, and archery. Destination Resorts are located in or near areas with national tourist appeal. The Company's 's Drive-to Resorts are located within a two-hour drive of a majority of the target customers' residences, which accommodates the growing demand for shorter, more frequent, close to home vacations. This proximity facilitates use of Silverleaf's Endless Escape Program, allowing Silverleaf Owners to use vacant units for no additional charge, subject to availability and certain limitations. Silverleaf Owners can also conveniently enjoy non-lodging resort amenities year round on a "country-club" basis.

The Company's Endless Escape Program offers Silverleaf Club members a benefit not typically enjoyed by many other timeshare owners. In addition to the right to use a unit one week per year, the Endless Escape Program allows Silverleaf Club members to also use vacant units at any of the Company's owned resorts for no additional charge. The Endless Escape Program is limited based on the availability of units. Silverleaf Owners who have utilized the resort less frequently are given priority to use the program and may only use an interval with an equal or lower rating than the owned Vacation Interval.

Even when not using the lodging facilities, Silverleaf Owners have unlimited year round day usage of the amenities located at the Existing Resorts, such as boating, fishing, miniature golf, tennis, swimming, or hiking, for little or no additional cost. Certain amenities, however, such as golf, horseback riding, or watercraft rentals, may require a usage fee.

December 31, 1999 , the Company had an inventory of 17,073 Vacation Intervals, and a master plan to construct new units which will result in up to 241,022 additional Vacation Intervals at the Existing Resorts and 75,660 Vacation Intervals at the New Resorts. The Company's master plan for construction of new units is contingent upon future sales at the Existing Resorts and New Resorts and the availability of financing, grant of governmental permits, and future land planning and site layout considerations.

The Company offers financing to the buyers of Vacation Intervals at its resorts. These buyers typically make a down payment of at least 10% of the purchase price and deliver a promissory note to the Company for the balance. The promissory notes generally bear interest at a fixed rate, are generally payable over a seven year to ten-year period, and are secured by a first mortgage on the Vacation Interval.

The Company's competitors in the timeshare industry include: Sunterra Corporation, Fairfield Communities, Inc., Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide Inc., Ramada Vacation Suites, TrendWest Resorts, Inc., and Bluegreen Corporation. The Company may also compete with companies entering the timeshare industry, such as Marriott Ownership Resorts, The Walt Disney Company, Hilton Hotels Corporation, Hyatt Corporation, and Four Seasons Resorts.



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